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Mad Max: Fury Road Scene 24

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Scene 24

Scene 24

  • It's time for the final showdown.
  • Having dispatched many of Immortan Joe's attack vehicles, Furiosa is now neck-and-neck with Immortan Joe as they enter the canyon.
  • First, Furiosa veers into him, but she has to be careful because Toast Knowing is in Joe's car.
  • Joe pulls in front of the War Rig, blocking Furiosa's way out and preventing any chance of escape.
  • So Furiosa asks Nux to drive, so that she can take care of Immortan Joe herself. Oh, it's on.
  • Meanwhile, back on the Doof Wagon, Max watches Furiosa from afar. He takes out a few war boys, using the flaming guitar as a weapon, while Furiosa climbs from the war rig to Immortan Joe's car.
  • Max makes his way toward her, jumping from truck to truck.
  • Cheedo, meanwhile, has a plan. She climbs from the cab of the truck and screams to Joe's son, Rictus, "take me!"
  • Rictus grabs her and puts her in Joe's car, and then heads toward the cab of the War Rig to deal with Nux and the other women.
  • The Vuvalini attempt to fight him off, but he's too strong. So Max grabs a skull—don't ask—and just when Rictus looks back to see Cheedo helping Furiosa into Immortan Joe's car, Max beans him with it.
  • Two fights go on at the same time: Furiosa attempts to take out Immortan Joe and his men, while Max goes after Rictus. Neither fight seems to be going well for our heroes.
  • That is, until a Vuvalini shoots Rictus in the back, giving Max the chance to get the drop on him.
  • And Furiosa? Well, it turns out she's holding her own just fine. She tackles Immortan Joe's man, and throws him over the side. She's now hanging from the side of Immortan Joe's car, and is close enough to finally kill him.
  • She hooks his face mask with a harpoon, says, "Remember me," and shoves the harpoon into the spinning wheels below. Immortan Joe's face rips clean off. It's exactly as gross as you think it is.
  • Max arrives just in time to save her from falling off the side of the car, and Toast Knowing takes the wheel and spits on her one-time oppressor.
  • Cheedo announces the good news: Immortan Joe is dead.
  • Now it's time for the remaining Vuvalini, the other women, and Nux to climb into Immortan Joe's car, so that they can decouple the tanker at the pass and blow the canyon.
  • But there's just one problem. Rictus isn't dead.
  • Nux, who's still behind the wheel, sees Rictus grab the engine intake right out of the hood of the War Rig—uh oh—and he knows what he has to do.
  • "Witness me" he says, and jack knifes the truck right in the narrowest part of the canyon. He has sacrificed himself to prevent Immortan Joe's men from pursuing Max and the women.

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