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Mad Max: Fury Road Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Furiosa is driving the truck, called the War Rig, on the way to Gas Town. The road is empty, straight, and barren. Worst road trip ever.
  • Cut to Max, sitting in a cage somewhere in the compound, looking up at light shining down from a shaft above.
  • We learn that a "half-life" is sick, so a man in charge—who's called, we'll learn, the Organic Mechanic—tells someone to hook him up to the "full-life" which he means Max. Is this where that whole "universal donor" thing comes in?
  • Cut back to Furiosa. On the way to Gas Town, she abruptly changes course, veering off the road.
  • With a look of pure determination. Furiosa indeed.
  • The war boys follow her, and one of them rides on her running board "Boss, we're not going to Gas Town?"
  • All Furiosa says is "we're heading east." Um, okay. Not super helpful, but the war boys will follow her lead.
  • The men clearly trust her, and obey her orders.

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