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Mad Max: Fury Road Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • Back at the Citadel, we see a row of overweight, half-naked women attached to very elaborate breast pumps.
  • Immortan Joe stands nearby, looking at the milk in a bottle.
  • He hands it to a man, who tests it, and tells Joe that it's good. Well, really, he just says, "Moo." That's one way to put it.
  • Joe is alerted by another of his sons, who is stationed at a telescope, that Furiosa's convoy has veered off course into hostile territory.
  • Joe quickly runs off. Clearly he's not used to things deviating from his all powerful plan.
  • Uh oh.
  • He sprints—well, lumbers more like—through a farm with hanging plants, unlocks a giant vault door, and walks into lavish chambers.
  • He calls out for "Splendid? Angharad?" and walks further into the chamber. There's graffiti everywhere: "Our babies will not be warlords." "Who killed the world?"
  • We hear a shotgun cock, and an old woman emerges from the shadows, shouting "They are not your property."
  • The old woman defiantly tells Joe that the women—presumably his wives, or at the very least, the mothers of his sons—begged Furiosa to take them away from the Citadel. They wanted to escape.

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