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Mad Max: Fury Road Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Back at Furiosa's convoy, a war boy brings the flares that Joe's men have fired off to Furiosa's attention. She still tries to deceive them into thinking everything's okay. They don't seem convinced.
  • As we look on the convoy from afar, a dune buggy with masked, be-goggled drivers observes them from atop a hill. Speaking a foreign language, they wonder what the War Rig is doing in their territory. We're thinking these folks are about to put the hostile in "hostile territory."
  • Furiosa sees them coming and brings them to the attention of the war boys, who shout "buzzards!" Ah, so that's what the goggle-wearers are called.
  • They all prepare for battle. "Thunder up!" Best battle cry ever.
  • One of their convoy falls into a trap, but Furiosa's skilled driving helps the rest of them avoid it.
  • As the war boys do battle with the buzzards, Furiosa looks on steadily, appearing unfazed.
  • Another buzzard car approaches, this time with a giant circular saw that looks like it could do some serious damage. Furiosa and a war boy easily dispatch it. Ain't nobody got nothin' on Furiosa.
  • Ah, but here comes a few more, outfitted with more spikes and cranes and saws and every other nightmarish post-apocalyptic weapon you could imagine. Things are heating up.

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