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Mad Max: Fury Road Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • From above, we see the war party from the Citadel finally catching up with Furiosa's convoy, which is still under attack from the Buzzards. So. Many. Things. Are. Happening.
  • During a close up on Max's face—he's still strapped to the front of Nux's hotrod—we hear Nux shout "She's ours…first we get the buzzards off her back." Max does not look pleased. Seriously, he did not sign up for battle, thankyouverymuch.
  • The lancer, Slit, throws a lance at the buzzard rig, and it zooms a little too close to Max. "That's my head!"
  • They do battle with the buzzard rig, which manages to spear one of Furiosa's war boys. But he revives himself by spraying what looks like liquid chrome into his mouth.
  • "Witness me!" He shouts, and then he jumps from his perch onto the attacking buzzard car, killing himself and his attackers.
  • As they continue to speed ahead, we see a woman, clad in white, crawl from the War Rig's tanker up to the cab.
  • The war boys from the Citadel are still trying to fight off the Buzzards, who are now right alongside the War Rig. Nux drives his car—Max still attached—right up next to the War Rig and in front of the Buzzards' vehicle.
  • Max sees Furiosa driving the War Rig, and she looks down and sees him. Her eyebrow may or may not rise a fraction of a fraction of an inch, but it's impossible to tell because Furiosa clearly does not have feelings. Or, at least, feelings that get in the way of her plan.
  • Finally, the woman in white crawls up through the floorboard of Furiosa's cab and says, "We can't breathe down there." But Furiosa wants them to stay out of sight.
  • Just then, a giant swinging circular saw comes wheeling in the window, almost chopping Furiosa's head off. Almost.
  • The war boys renew their attack in earnest, managing to blow up the saw arm and send it flying—right toward Max. He ducks, and the saw chops off the explosive tops of the lances that are stored on their car. They roll under the attacking Buzzard vehicle and blow it to smithereens.
  • Well, that's done.

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