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Mean Girls Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Regina's in Mr. Duvall's office. She's in tears, and she's given him the Burn Book. She claims she found it in the girl's bathroom.
  • Mr. Duvall flips through the pages; he's horrified and assures Regina that they'll find out who made it. She's quick to point out that there are only three girls in the entire school who aren't in it.
  • Ah, we see what she's up to.
  • Cut to Cady's gym class; Coach Carr gets a note that says Cady's wanted in the principal's office. Uh oh.
  • On her way into Mr. Duvall's office, Cady passes Regina, who gives her the side-iest side eye.
  • Gretchen and Karen are already in the office. Mr. Duvall wants to know what they know about the Burn Book.
  • They tell him yes, they've seen it before, but Regina wrote it. She's totally framing them.
  • Mr. Duvall isn't buying it. Why would she put herself in the book?
  • Out in empty school hallway, Regina tosses copies of the Burn Book's pages everywhere.
  • Back in Mr. Duvall's office, Gretchen speculates that maybe she isn't in the book because everybody likes her. T
  • hen she not-so-subtly threatens Mr. Duvall by mentioning that her rich dad—you know, the inventor of toaster strudel—won't be happy to hear about this.
  • The bell rings, and the hall fills with students who immediately start perusing the pages of the Burn Book.
  • The girls who are being, well, burned, aren't happy about it, and they start fighting—as in physically fighting.
  • It's total chaos. Regina just stands there and admires her work.
  • Ms. Norbury finds the page that calls her a sad, old drug pusher. She looks bummed.
  • Janis finds her page, which calls her a lesbian, and doesn't care; too unoriginal.
  • Damian finds the page about him being "too gay to function," and now he and Janis are ticked, too.
  • Joan the secretary runs into Mr. Duvall's office and tells him the girls have gone wild.
  • He grabs a baseball bat and pulls the fire alarm, which sets off the sprinklers.
  • The fighting stops, presumably because everybody's hair is getting ruined, and he orders all junior class girls into the gym, immediately.

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