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Mean Girls Scene 12

Scene 12

Scene 12

  • The junior girls (and Damian, decked out in a hoodie and shades like the Unabomber) file into the gym and sit in the bleachers.
  • Cady waves at Janis. Janis makes a hand gesture that can mean a lot of things, but none of them are "Hey, girl!"
  • Mr. Duvall rips in to the junior girls. In all of his fourteen years as an educator, he's never seen anything this bad.
  • He'd cancel their Spring Fling, but they've already paid the DJ. Instead, they're all going to get an attitude makeover.
  • He tries to lead the discussion, but as soon as Bethany mentions her menstrual cycle, he hands the reins over to Ms. Norbury.
  • Ms. Norbury asks everybody to close their eyes.
  • Then she asks everybody that's ever had somebody say something nasty about them raise their hand. Then she has everybody open their eyes and see that they're all raising their hands.
  • Next, she has everybody close their eyes and raise their hand if they've ever said something mean about a friend.
  • When the girls open their eyes, once again, they see that everybody has their hand raised. Cue the murmuring.
  • Ms. Norbury tells the junior girls that they're going to do some exercises together to help them express their anger in a healthy way, and put an end to this girl-on-girl crime.
  • Then we see various cliques, like the softball team, work through their problems directly.
  • Regina pipes up, saying that some people (meaning her) shouldn't have to sit through this workshop since they're just victims in this situation.
  • Ms. Norbury asks everyone who's ever been personally victimized by Regina to raise their hand.
  • Everyone raises their hand, including Mr. Duvall and the other faculty members.
  • Ms. Norbury zeroes in on Cady and asks her if she has any apologies that she wants to dish out.
  • In her head, Cady says of course she does: She wants to apologize to Ms. Norbury for starting the rumor that she sells drugs. Out loud, though, she says "No."
  • Through V-O, Cady explains that she couldn't apologize for the Norbury rumor without taking the blame for the whole Burn Book. She's probably right.
  • Next, Ms. Norbury has everybody write apologies to the people that they've hurt, read them out loud to the whole group, and then take a trust fall into that group, mosh pit style.
  • Karen apologizes to Gretchen for that time she told everybody about how she got diarrhea at Barnes & Noble. Then she apologizes for repeating it now.
  • Gretchen apologizes for being so popular. Nobody tries to catch her.
  • Then Janis storms the stage. She issues a lengthy sarcastic apology to Regina, during which she divulges her and Cady's entire plan to ruin Regina's life.
  • Regina and Cady lock eyes from across the gym. Cady looks like she's about to cry. Regina looks like she's about to tear lockers off the wall barehanded, then she leaves.
  • Cady follows Regina out of the school building, trying to apologize. The rest of the junior girls start spilling out onto the lawn, too.
  • Regina lays into Cady, claiming that everybody hates Cady, and they think she's just a less-hot version of Regina. Then Regina gets hit by a bus.
  • No, really. She gets hit by a bus.
  • Cady tells us that Regina didn't kick the bucket; she just got hurt. Some people said they saw her head go all the way around, Exorcist-style.
  • Some people said they saw Cady push her. (She didn't.)

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