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Mean Girls Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • That night, Cady has a tense dinner with her parents. Her mom doesn't totally believe that Cady didn't push Regina.
  • Then she finds a couple of her tribal vases under the sink—ones that Cady hid there during the party she had while her parents were in Madison. Whoops.
  • Cady's mom feels like she doesn't know who Cady is anymore. She leaves the room in a huff.
  • Cady and her dad talk. He suggests being home-schooled again for a while; maybe they put her in mainstream school to soon. Cady disagrees; she has to go back to school. It's going to be terrible, but she has to go back.
  • Then she remembers that she needs her dad to sign her calculus test because she's failing. He grounds her—once he finally remembers what the mainstream world calls grounding.

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