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Mean Girls Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • The next day at school, Cady's persona non-grata.
  • In class, Janis and Damian give her the silent treatment, and she has to sit behind the Sir Farts-a-Lot.
  • The lunch room's just as hostile. Students murmur about Cady pushing Regina in front of the bus, and Cady ends up dining in a bathroom stall, just like she did at the beginning of the year.
  • Later, in calculus, the cops are there investigating the allegations about Ms. Norbury. Whoa.
  • Cady decides she can't let Ms. Norbury take any heat; even if Aaron hates her forever, she has to do the right thing.
  • Cady tells Mr. Duvall she wrote the Burn Book and leaves class with him while Aaron looks on, shocked.
  • Cady explains via V-O that it's time to make amends. First, she brings flowers to Regina—who is surrounded by flowers.
  • Next, she apologizes to Ms. Norbury. Norbury forgives her, but says she's figured out how Cady's going to get that extra credit. We're pretty sure it isn't through interpretive dance.
  • Aaron eavesdrops on Cady and Ms. Norbury's conversation, hearing that Cady didn't rat out anybody else behind the Burn Book.
  • Aaron says that getting hit by a bus was probably punishment enough, and tells Cady "Welcome back."

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