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Mean Girls Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • Montage! The Plastics are in their formal wear, which can only mean one thing: it's time for the Spring Fling.
  • Regina's neck brace is decorated with flowers. Janice and Damian wear matching purple tuxedos, and Cady's decked out in…her Mathletes shirt.
  • Guess we know what Norbury's punishment was.
  • Cady, Kevin, and the rest of the North Short Mathletes roll into the Illinois High School Mathletes State Championship competition. Ms. Norbury gives them a few words of encouragement, and then it's math time. The numbers start flying; Cady feels rusty.
  • Cut to Cady's house. Cady's mom is surprised to find that Cady went out, what with her being grounded and all.
  • "Are they not allowed out when they're grounded?" Cady's dad asks.
  • Cut to the Spring Fling. Students cast their votes for Spring Fling King and Queen. Regina poses for photos. Cady's parents are there, too, looking for Cady.
  • Back at the Mathlete Championship, things are all tied up. It's time for Sudden Death. Each team gets to pick their opponent, and each team picks the other team's lone girl. Classy, guys. Real classy.
  • Cady's opponent, Caroline Krafft, is, well, she's not conventional attractive.
  • In her mind, Cady runs through Caroline's flaws, like her bushy eyebrows.
  • Then she realizes that making fun of Caroline isn't going to stop Caroline from wiping the floor with her in this competition.
  • "Calling somebody else fat won't make you any skinnier," Cady explains via V-O. "Calling someone stupid doesn't make you any smarter. And ruining Regina George's life definitely didn't make me any happier."
  • Ladies and gents, we have an epiphany!
  • While Cady's having her breakthrough, Caroline buzzes in and answers the tiebreaker question first. Turns out she's wrong. Cady answers the question correctly, and North Shore are the state champs.
  • The Mathletes celebrate and Ms. Norbury convinces Cady to go to the Spring Fling with them, even though she's supposed to be grounded.
  • They arrive just in time to see the Spring Fling King and Queen announced.
  • The king of Spring Fling is… Shane Oman. He celebrates in classic meathead fashion. Cady's parents spot her from across the gym, and her mom gives her the universal hand motion for "You get your butt over here right now, young lady!"
  • Then Mr. Duvall announces the Spring Fling Queen: Cady Heron. She's shocked.
  • So are her parents, for that matter. Her dad's probably never heard of spring, flings, or queens before.
  • Cady goes up on stage and makes a speech, even though Mr. Duvall keeps reminding her that it's not necessary that she make a speech.
  • She apologizes for the Burn Book and says that everybody deserves to be Spring Fling Queen.
  • Then she breaks her plastic Spring Fling Queen tiara into pieces and tosses them to the other nominees, as well as some of the other junior girls. Oh, and Damian.
  • Cut to the dance floor. Cady makes up with Janis and Ian.
  • Aaron approaches. He congratulates her on her State championship. After he sarcastically makes sure that she's not going to drunkenly barf on him again, they kiss.
  • Panning across the dance, we see Shane awkwardly try to kiss Regina around her massive back brace. Mr. Duvall and Ms. Norbury dance together.
  • Damian and Janis are slow dancing together, too. He slowly leans in and kisses her, and they're both immediately repulsed.
  • Damian bolts, and Kevin zooms in to take his place and dance with Janis. Interesting.
  • We zoom out from the crowded dance floor and Cady delivers one last V-O.
  • It's senior year. Regina's joined the lacrosse team; it's a perfect fit for channeling her rage, and none of the jock girls are afraid of her.
  • Karen's using her "fifth sense" to do morning weather announcements.
  • Gretchen's hanging out with the "cool Asians." She has a new queen bee to serve, and speaks fluent (?) Vietnamese.
  • Aaron's going to college at Northwestern, which is also in Evanston, so Cady still gets to see him on weekends.
  • As for Cady, in her own words, she's "gone from home-schooled jungle freak to shiny Plastic to most hated person in the world to actual human being."
  • Cady walks out onto the front lawn of the school and joins her friends.
  • Janis is cozied up with Kevin. Damian's there, too. Karen's braiding Jessica Lopez's hair. Regina walks by with some of her teammates and nods at Cady.
  • Cady explains that there's no more drama, and life is good. Damian points out a trio of "junior Plastics" to her, and they watch a squad of freshman mini-Reginas strut down the front walk toward the street.
  • Cady says that if anybody breaks this newfound peace in Girl World—like those junior Plastics, for example—she's knows what to do with them, and we see the junior Plastics get hit by a bus.
  • Just kidding. The moment restarts, and we see the junior Plastics stop just short of becoming street pizza.
  • Then we end on a freeze frame of Cady, no longer Plastic, now just a happy high school senior.

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