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Mean Girls Scene 4

Scene 4

Scene 4

  • At home, Cady answers the phone. It's Regina. She says she knows Cady's secret. Cady's afraid Regina knows about her undercover work for Janis. Turns out Regina's just talking about Aaron. Gretchen told Regina that Cady's interested in him.
  • Regina says she doesn't care if Cady goes after Aaron. In fact, Regina can talk to him for her if she wants. Cady thinks that's a brilliant idea.
  • Then Regina tries to get Cady to say that she's mad at Gretchen for telling Regina that Cady likes Aaron. Cady doesn't take the bait, at least not entirely.
  • Ultimately, she gives in and says that, yeah, what Gretchen did wasn't cool, but she's not mad at her; Gretchen probably just likes the attention.
  • Surprise—Gretchen's on the line, too. She can't believe Cady said that.
  • The call ends, and Cady's happy that she survived her first "three-way calling attack." These Plastics are cutthroat, y'all.
  • With Regina's blessing, Cady starts talking to Aaron more at school. They have meaningful conversations about what day it is ("It's October 3rd.") and the weather ("It's raining.").
  • The third time they talk, Aaron invites Cady to a Halloween party at his buddy Chris' house. Cady's stoked and blows off a Mathletes meeting to go get started on her costume.
  • Cady and her mom work on her Halloween costume. Cady explains via V-O that, in Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress "like a total slut" and other girls can't say anything about it.
  • We cut to Regina's house. Her mom takes pictures of her dressed like a sexy bunny while her Dad looks like he wants to cry. Gretchen shows up at Karen's house in a leather cat suit, while Karen's dressed like a mouse—which just means she's in lingerie and is wearing mouse ears.
  • Nobody told Cady about "the slut rule," she explains, and she shows up at the party in a bloody wedding dress with gnarly fake teeth and a long black wig. Everybody thinks she's hideous, terrifying, or both.
  • Aaron finds her and guesses that she's a zombie bride. She's an "ex-wife." Get it?
  • Aaron heads off to get Cady a drink and runs into Regina. She tells him that Cady has a huge crush on him, and then makes up a story about how Cady practices writing her name as "Mrs. Aaron Samuels" all over her notebooks.
  • Then Regina goes even further and claims that Cady saved a Kleenex Aaron used so she can do some "African voodoo" on it to make him like her.
  • Cady waves at Aaron and Regina from across the room, assuming that this is Regina putting in a good word for her.
  • Regina kisses Aaron, and Cady bolts.
  • Aaron pushes Regina off of him, reminding her that she broke up with him. She says she could never have done that; he's too hot. Then they start making out.
  • Cady runs out of the party, and tells us through V-O that she was wrong about Regina. She's not sweet; she's the worst.
  • Janis and Damian are watching a scary movie when Cady busts in, still in her "ex-wife" garb and scares the heck out of them.
  • Tearfully, she tells them that Regina took Aaron back. Janis says it's because Regina's a life-ruiner.
  • Damian starts to say that, when they were thirteen, Regina made everybody sign a petition saying that Janis was…well, something…but Janis cuts him off. She has a plan to get back at Regina.
  • Janis outlines her plan. Regina's an evil dictator. If they want to take her down, they need to cut off her resources: Aaron, her good looks, and Gretchen and Karen.
  • Cady needs to act like everything's cool and hold her position on the inside. Cady says she's up to the challenge. Game on.

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