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Mean Girls Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • Back at school, Cady explains via V-O that pretending like everything was cool between her and Regina was surprisingly easy.
  • Things get a wee bit thornier at lunch since Aaron's now sitting with Regina since they're back together.
  • Regina rubs the fact that he's with her in Cady's face by telling Aaron that his hair looks sexy pushed back and then forcing Cady to say it, too. This girl has ice in her veins.
  • Meanwhile, Cady looks for opportunities to sabotage Regina. First, she and Janis replace Regina's face wash with peppermint foot cream in an attempt to make her break out. Instead, it just makes Aaron want to make out with Regina, right in front of Cady, because he thinks Regina's face smells good.
  • Next, Janis cuts holes in the chest of Regina's tank top while she's in gym class. Regina puts it back on, and is totally unfazed; by the end of the day, all the girls in the junior class are walking around with holes in their shirts.
  • Janis is bummed. They've been trying to sabotage Regina for a month, and all they've managed to do is make her face smell like a foot. What they need to do is break Gretchen. If they can get her to crack, she's such a gossip that she'll spill all of Regina's dirty secrets.
  • Janis tells Cady and Damian they have to meet tonight to work out their new plan. Cady can't; she and The Plastics are rehearsing their number for the winter talent show. Every year, they do "Jingle Bell Rock."
  • Regina approaches, so Cady tells Janis and Damian to split.
  • Regina wants to know why Cady was talking to Janis. Cady makes something up, and Regina launches into her history with Janis. It boils down to this: they were BFFs in eighth grade, but then Regina thought Janis was obsessed with her and therefore a lesbian, so Regina didn't invite her to her birthday party.
  • Janis' mom called Mrs. George to complain. Then Janis dropped out of school, and when she came back for high school, she'd cut off all her hair and was weird.
  • Okay, then.
  • Cady changes the subject and wants to know if Regina's going to send anybody any candy cane-grams. She's not: she doesn't send them, she just gets them, so Cady better her send her one. Yes, your highness.
  • Via V-O, Cady tells us that she's got other plans in mind. She's going to use three candy canes to crack Gretchen.
  • Cut to English class. Damian shows up dressed as Santa, delivering candy cane-grams. Cady gets one from Regina (that she really sent herself); Gretchen doesn't get one and assumes Regina's mad at her. Hold onto your butts; the plan is officially in motion.

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