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Mean Girls Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • After Christmas Break, Cady, Janis, and Damian do everything they can to help Aaron catch Regina and Shane together, like convincing Aaron that swim team practice will be held in the projection room about the auditorium.
  • They don't manage to bust Regina with Shane, but they do catch Coach Carr making out with Trang Pak. Yikes.
  • Cady, Janis, and Damian give up on that plan and switch to a new one. They convince Regina that K√§lteen bars, a Swedish nutrition bar that Cady's mom used to give to kids in Africa to help them gain weight, is actually some sort of magic weight loss snack that burns carbs. Regina's all in.
  • While we see Cady and The Plastics primp, Cady explains Regina's weird gravitational pull to us via V-O. It's weird: as much as she thinks Regina is awful, she still wants Regina to like her. Being part of The Plastics is like being a celebrity.
  • Then we get a montage of several students (and Mr. Duvall) talking to the camera about The Plastics like they're famous: who they're dating, what they're wearing, etc.
  • Cady uses Gretchen as an example, too. Regina may treat Gretchen like garbage, but Gretchen would rather be in The Plastics, being treated badly, than be on the outside.
  • Cady also tells us that she's finding every excuse that she can to talk to Aaron.
  • She asks him for help in calculus, but it's obvious that she doesn't need any help since she's acing assignments left and right.
  • Then she starts tanking her assignments on purpose and tells Aaron she needs a tutor. He offers to help her after school, and they agree that they probably shouldn't tell Regina about it. Good call.
  • Cut to tutoring. Aaron and Cady go over a problem together. Then they kiss. Ah, calculus: the most romantic of all the maths.
  • Aaron pulls away from Cady. He can't do this; it wouldn't be fair to Regina. Cady can't hold it in anymore: she tells Aaron that Regina's cheating on him.
  • Cut to Cady, Gretchen, and Karen consoling Regina. Aaron broke up with her. Apparently, some guy on the baseball team told him about Shane Oman. Cady and Gretchen exchange nervous looks.
  • Karen suggests doing something fun: going to Taco Bell. Regina calls her stupid (after all, Regina's on an all-carb diet) and runs out of the room, Gretchen trailing her and begging her to talk to her.
  • Cady tells Karen she's not stupid. Karen assures her that, yes, she is.
  • She's failing all her classes. Also, she's kind of psychic. Her breasts can tell when it's raining.

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