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Mean Girls Scene 8

Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Back at school, Cady updates us on the plan to takedown Regina via V-O: Now that Aaron's out of the picture and Regina's unknowingly eating 5,000 calories a day thanks to all those Kälteen bars, all that's left to do is cut her off from Gretchen and Karen.
  • We get a quick shot of Damian stuffing the Spring Fling King and Queen ballot box with Gretchen votes, and then cut to the morning video announcements.
  • The Spring Fling votes are in, and the nominees for Queen are Regina, Gretchen, Janis, and Cady.
  • While Damian was putting Gretchen's name in there, he put in Janis's, too. He didn't put in Cady's, though. She's legit honored to be nominated, and Damian and Janis poke fun at her.
  • At a shop called 1-3-5, Regina tries on the Spring Fling dress she put on hold back in January and it no longer fits. She's mortified.
  • Cut to Cady in calculus class. She's just about to tap Aaron on the shoulder when the bell rings. Class dismissed.
  • Ms. Norbury stops Cady on the way out. Cady's failing, and her parents need to sign her test. The weird thing, as Ms. Norbury points out, is that all of the work on Cady's tests is right; it's just the answers that are wrong.
  • Ms. Norbury tells Cady that she shouldn't dumb herself down for some guy.
  • Ms. Norbury keeps going, rambling on about her divorce and the fact that she's a pusher.
  • She pushed her ex-husband into law school, for example, and she's going to push Cady to do better because she knows she's smarter than that.
  • After school at Regina's house, Cady sounds off, saying that she hates Ms. Norbury, and that Ms. Norbury's only failing her because she didn't join Mathletes..
  • Cady and The Plastics also wildly speculate that when Ms. Norbury told Cady she was a pusher, she meant she sold drugs. Yeah, okay.
  • Gretchen tells Cady to let it all out—into the Burn Book.

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