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Mean Girls Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Back at school, Cady tells Damian and Janis she has major Plastics sabotage planned for tonight. She planned this one on her own.
  • Have we mentioned that Cady's constantly decked out in pink, short skirts, and big hair, and she's always checking her makeup? Because she is.
  • Cut to Cady on the phone with Regina. Regina's stuffing her face with donuts and bagging on Gretchen.
  • She wonders if Gretchen got nominated for Spring Fling Queen as a joke, says she's afraid Gretchen will have a meltdown when she loses, and says that Gretchen's not pretty. Oh, and also, it should be Karen who's nominated for Spring Fling Queen, but everybody forgets about her because she's such a slut.
  • Once Regina hangs up, we see, predictably, that Gretchen was on the line, too, and heard the whole thing. She asks Cady to hold for a sec and calls Karen. Now we have all three on screen.
  • Meanwhile, Regina calls Karen. Make that all four girls on screen.
  • Regina wants to go out, but tells Karen not to tell Gretchen. Karen tells Gretchen what Regina said, and Gretchen tells Karen that Regina called her a slut.
  • Back on the line with Regina, Karen gives the fakest fake cough in the history of fake coughs and tells Regina that she can't go out because she's sick.
  • "Boo, you whore," Regina says.
  • Poor choice of words, Regina. Karen's outraged.

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