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Memento Production Studio

Production Studio

Summit Entertainment

Summit Entertainment produced Memento in 2000 as a critically acclaimed peak in its production history. Summit is best known for its cheesy popcorn movies (cheesy popcorn, mmm) with headliners like American Pie and the Twilight Saga.

Summit, which originated in 1991, initially worked in the foreign film industry before branching into large-scale production, and before eventually being acquired by Lions Gate. It's since produced some real gems, like the Best Picture-winning The Hurt Locker.

The Todd sisters Suzanne and Jennifer also produced Memento with their outlandishly named production company, Team Todd. They garnered the Independent Spirit Award for the film, which nicely compliments some of the blockbusters they've done, like Alice in Wonderland and the Austin Powers trilogy. Suzanne has also done some video game producing: she helmed Skylanders and Call of Duty.

Lastly, I Remember Productions is also listed as a producer for Memento; although we're not quite sure who or what they are. There's really nothing about them out there, besides their production credit on Memento. Hopefully it's not just our anterograde amnesia acting up again…