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Million Dollar Baby Fandoms


Let's cut to the chase: Million Dollar Baby is a moving, powerful, thoroughly dramatic movie. It has boxing, it has lemon pie, and it has assisted suicide. It does not, however, have a huge fandom. So if you're churning out Million Dollar Baby fan fiction right now in your Hit Pit T-shirt, the market's all yours.

The film's stars, however, all have loyal, vibrant fandoms. Check it out:

The Clint Eastwood Forums—Eastwood fans have been comparing laconic stares here since 1996. In Internet years, that's practically forever.
The Clint Eastwood Archive—A frequently updated, photo- and video-heavy blog.
• Hilary Swank's Twitter and Instagram accounts—The youngest member of the Million Dollar Baby cast has the biggest social media presence. Go figure.
• Morgan Freeman's Official Facebook Page—Get your Freeman fix on Facebook.

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