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Million Dollar Baby Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

Who's the Boss?

  • Welcome to the Highland Heights Boxing Club. Maggie's fighting, and she knocks her opponent out.
  • Cut to another ring; Maggie knocks that opponent out, too.
  • Cut to a third ring; Maggie knocks that poor woman out in just a couple of punches. Maggie's hit her stride. And a lot of unfortunate women in the process.
  • In the locker room after the fight, Frankie chides Maggie for everybody in the first round. It's making it tough for him to get her fights since no manager wants to see their fighter embarrassed. Oops.
  • Maggie wants to know when Frankie's going to let her stop doing four-round fights. He says when she's got the stamina.
  • She jokes that she doesn't need stamina if she's going to knock everybody out in the first round.
  • Frankie makes Maggie slug through one more four-rounder to let her know who's boss. Maggie knocks the woman out in two punches. Pretty clear who's the boss now, Frankie.
  • Maggie's first six-rounder is next. Scrap explains that it didn't go as smoothly as the previous fights: Maggie didn't knock her opponent out until the end of the first round.
  • After that, no manager wants to put one of their fighters up against Maggie, so Frankie starts paying managers on the side.
  • When that won't work anymore, Frankie moves Maggie up a class, even though he doesn't want to.
  • Maggie takes a beating in her next fight. In fact, her nose gets broken.
  • Maggie begs Frankie to fix it, and he does some Jedi nose cartilage-crunching maneuver, and some first rate Q-tip shoving, that stops the bleeding for twenty seconds: long enough for Maggie to finish the fight. It's wicked gross.
  • At the end of the fight, as fighter and manager celebrate, Frankie whispers "Mo cuishle" at Maggie from ringside. Looks like all of those Gaelic lessons he's giving himself are paying off. You know, unless that means "Where is the train station?" or something.
  • Cut to the emergency room. Maggie, Frankie, and Scrap wait together for Maggie and her broken honker to be seen by a doctor.
  • Frankie reads W.B. Yeats. Scrap, teasing Frankie, tells him to talk a little Yeats to Maggie. "Show her what a treat that is," he says sarcastically.
  • The nurse calls Maggie back, and Frankie tells her he'll be waiting right there. Aw.
  • Scrap wants to know how Frankie's doing. He says he's fine, but Scrap's not buying it.
  • Cut to church. Mass is letting out, and Fr. Horvak asks Frankie if he's written to his daughter.
  • "Every week," Frankie says. And then he leaves without giving Fr. Horvak a hard time. Very un-Frankie.

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