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Million Dollar Baby Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

Maggie vs. The Bear

  • It's time for the WBA welterweight title fight! Frankie's hired bagpipers for Maggie's entrance. Fancy.
  • If Maggie wins this fight, he says he'll finally tell her what "Mo Cuishle" means. As if she needed any more incentive.
  • The Bear enters. The music is menacing, and she looks mean as all get out.
  • Scrap's watching the fight on TV in his room at the Hit Pit. Some of the other Hit Pit regulars listen to it gathered around a radio.
  • Maggie and The Bear duke it out. The Bear fights just as dirty as they say, throwing elbows and other cheap shots while the ref isn't looking. Frankie is enraged.
  • After the first round, Frankie fixes up Maggie's injuries. The ref issues a warning to The Bear. She just winks at her manager.
  • Maggie starts the second round off by knocking The Bear to the mat. She gets back up.
  • Round two ends. Frankie's assistant tries to help him put Maggie's stool into the ring, but Frankie insists that he's got it. He's in charge. He fixes up Maggie's face and tells her to pound The Bear in the sciatic nerve. Ouch.
  • Round three: Maggie comes out on fire and absolutely wails on The Bear. Frankie's all smiles.
  • The round ends, and the fighters return to their counters. Frankie's assistant puts the stool in Maggie's corner. Angered, The Bear takes a super cheap shot at Maggie and punches her in the back.
  • Maggie goes careening toward the mat—and the stool. No! Frankie tries to move the stool out of the way in time, but can't, and Maggie's head crashes onto it with a sickening thud. Her arm goes limp.
  • Frankie reacts in horror. Scrap does, too. Ditto for the crowd.
  • The referee calls for a doctor. Everyone's in shock. We get a shot from Maggie's perspective: the lights, the doctor, Frankie, all looking at her, lying on the mat. Holy cow.

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