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Million Dollar Baby Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

Mo Cuishle's Best K.O. Yet

  • Maggie's mom—surely you remember her?—calls and says she's coming to visit. Maggie sits at the window and waits everyday for two weeks.
  • Frankie tracks Earline and Company down, and finds out they've been in town for six days. Say what now? He leaves messages, but they don't return his calls. Nobody's surprised.
  • Maggie tells Frankie he doesn't have to hang around at the rehab center all day, but he jokes that he'd go there to read even if she wasn't there.
  • Then he reads her some of "Lake Isle of Innisfree", a poem by W.B. Yeats about a city slicker who dreams of goin' country.
  • They joke about moving into a little cabin in the middle of nowhere. She'll bake. He'll eat lemon pie. Dude really likes his lemon pie.
  • Maggie's family comes barreling down the hallway. They're kitted out in Universal Studios gear; guess we know where they've been hiding.
  • This time, Mom and Maggie's sister Mardell have brought along her brother J.D. and some business guy, too. J.D. has all the charm of somebody who just got out of prison and was raised by Earline.
  • Frankie tries to get them to leave, but they bust in on Maggie.
  • While they chat, Frankie paces in the hallway, occasionally peeking in. When he sees Maggie's mom trying to get her to sign something, he heads in.
  • Her mom wants Maggie to sign all of her assets over to her mother. Frankie protests. Maggie tells him to leave.
  • Maggie asks her mom if she saw the fight. She didn't. Shocker.
  • Her mom pushes her to sign the papers again—Maggie has to sign by holding the pen between her teeth—and Maggie finally tells her greedy mama off. She also tells her to hit the bricks and never come back.
  • Another knockout blow from Mo Cuishle.

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