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Million Dollar Baby Scene 20

Scene 20

Scene 20

The Meaning of Mo Cuishle

  • Back at the hospital, Frankie arrives to find Maggie very heavily sedated. It's so she won't try to bite her tongue again. She's completely out of it, and doesn't even seem to know that he's standing in front of her.
  • Cut to Frankie loading vials into a bag in the locker room at the Hit Pit.
  • The omnipresent Scrap comes in and says he went to see Maggie that morning. Frankie apologizes for saying it was Scrap's fault.
  • Scrap tells Frankie it's not his fault either. In fact, says Scrap, Frankie made Maggie's life awesome and helped her get what she wanted.
  • Cut to Frankie sitting in his car in the hospital parking lot. He creeps into the hospital corridor silently and enters Maggie's room.
  • He tells Maggie he's decided to help her end her life, and he explains how it will work: he'll disconnect her air machine, and then he'll give her a shot.
  • Then he finally explains what "Mo Cuishle" means. It means "My Darling," "My Blood." Maggie smiles as her eyes well up with tears. (We're not crying, too. That's just some stray Cheetos dust in our eye.)
  • Frankie turns off Maggie's respirator and removes her breathing tube. Then he gives her a shot. And then she flat-lines.
  • Frankie kisses Maggie on the forehead and leaves.
  • As he walks down the hallway, Scrap emerges from the shadows and watches him go. We don't know how he manages to be everywhere at once, but we suspect it might involve some Hermione Granger style Time Turner action.

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