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Monty Python and the Holy Grail Scene 16

Scene 16

Scene 16

  • Sir Lancelot and Concorde are galloping along when suddenly Concorde is struck in the chest by the very arrow Herbert has shot.
  • Lancelot reads Herbert's note and rushes toward the castle where he's being held against his will, leaving a not quite so dead Concord for dead.
  • Lancelot unnecessarily slaughters multiple wedding guests on his way up to Herbert's room where he's disappointed to find a young man instead of a damsel in distress. The young man attempts to climb out the window but falls out of the tower.
  • But Herbert's father isn't too worried. He tries to get in good with the well-positioned Lancelot and tries to make it up to the wedding party who are a little bit upset (and very bloody) by marrying Lancelot off.
  • Surprise, it turns out the son isn't dead! How did he survive? Well, he'll tell you...through song!
  • Lancelot realizes he needs to get out while the getting's good and sorta swings his way out.

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