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On the Waterfront Shock Rating

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Shock Rating


Technically, On the Waterfront predates the rating system. It doesn't have a rating.

But since it does feature Terry yelling, "Go to hell" at Father Barry, it's not exactly a Disney-level "G." (Dumbo never yelled, "Go to hell" at a priest—though Dumbo does get drunk at one point, which doesn't seem totally G-rated either).

Also, a guy gets pushed off a roof, Terry gets his face bloodied in a fight, and Charley gets shot to death. Charley also seems to be hanging on some sort of meathook, which normally would amp the movie up to a PG-13. But, in this case, it's not really so graphic: thanks to the blood-darkening qualities of black and white film and a general 1950's classiness, this film's suitable for pretty much everyone.

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