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On the Waterfront Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • In court, Johnny's gangsters refuse to offer any real testimony. They clam up or lie.
  • But when Terry's called, he gives honest testimony: he says Johnny told him that he arranged Joey's murder and tried to justify it.
  • But we actually don't see this moment, because we see it from the perspective of a rich guy watching the testimony of TV.
  • The rich man turns the TV off before Terry gives his answer, and tells his butler to phone Johnny Friendly and tell him he won't do business with him anymore.
  • When he leaves the courtroom, Johnny warns Terry not to come back to the waterfront or try to work at any waterfront anywhere.
  • As Terry heads into his apartment under police guard, the people in his building give him the cold shoulder—they think he's a snitch.
  • He meets Edie, who tries to be consoling. But Terry complains about his so-called friends ignoring him.
  • He goes up on the roof, to discover the Jimmy has killed all the pigeons in the pigeon house.
  • Jimmy throws one of their dead bodies at him, saying, "a pigeon for a pigeon" (meaning that Terry's a stool-pigeon).
  • Edie finds Terry sitting in the pigeon house, and tells him not to go back to the waterfront.
  • But Terry says he's going—he'll claim his rights.

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