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On the Waterfront Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • At the waterfront, the other workers look at Terry, wondering what he going to do as they wait for work.
  • One of Johnny's cronies, Big Mac, singles out everyone else to work, except for Terry.
  • But Terry doesn't leave. He goes down to the waterfront hut, where Johnny and his gangsters are waiting for him.
  • In the hut, Johnny insists that they try not to break any laws for the present, since he might be indicted for murder at anytime, thanks to Terry's testimony.
  • Terry walks down to the hut, and the workers gather to watch. Terry dares Johnny to come out. Johnny tells him to leave, but Terry stays, yelling at him that he's nothing.
  • He says Johnny killed Joey, Dugan, and Charley, and then rushes him, but one of Johnny's cronies trips him.
  • They have a big fist-fight, and Terry gets the better of Johnny, until Johnny's henchmen jump in and beat Terry until he's bloody. The other workers stand to the side.
  • Barry and Edie show up, asking the workers what happened.
  • Johnny and his henchmen walk away from Terry, and Edie and Barry rush to his side. He's lying on the ground, badly beaten.
  • Johnny tries to boss the workers around, but they refuse to listen to him. They say if Terry doesn't work, they won't work.
  • Johnny tries to grab Joey's dad, but Joey's dad pushes him into the water. All the workers' laugh.
  • Barry and Edie try to get Terry—bleeding and wounded—to stand-up and walk.
  • They lift him up, and he forces himself to move without their support.
  • He walks, stumbling along the way, as all the workers watch him.
  • When he crosses the threshold to the dock warehouse, all the workers enter behind him, breaking Johnny's power over them.
  • They're free to work without his domination.
  • Johnny rages behind them, but he's powerless to do anything now.
  • Barry and Edie smile as the door to the warehouse closes.

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