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On the Waterfront Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • We cut back to Terry, who's hanging out with a bunch of the union guys who run the waterfront, including their bad guy boss, Johnny Friendly, who ordered the murder.
  • Johnny and his henchmen plot to stage a walkout on the docks, unless they can shakedown the company bringing in new shipments for money.
  • Terry's still clearly upset, and the other guys mess with him—one guy mocking him for being a failed boxer.
  • We see that Terry's brother, Charley, is Johnny's right-hand man.
  • When Johnny wants to know why Terry's so mopey, Charley explains it's about Joey's murder. Terry didn't know they were going to kill him.
  • Johnny says that he does what he has to do to survive, and mentions his hard childhood.
  • Charley tells Johnny that a guy named Skins, delivering a payment, has come up fifty bucks short.
  • Johnny slaps Skins around and fires him on the spot. It's just like The Apprentice.

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