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On the Waterfront Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Charley comes to Terry and tells him to go to the church, where he can spy on Barry and the workers who are meeting to discuss what to do about Johnny.
  • Terry doesn't want to—given how guilty he still feels about Joey—but he agrees to go along with it.
  • At the church, Barry tells the workers that the only way they can bring Johnny down is to stop letting him and his gang get away with murder.
  • He asks them point-blank who killed Joey Doyle (that's Joey's last name). No one's talking.
  • Terry comes and sits in the back. One of the workers says that no one's going to talk with Charley's brother around.
  • Barry tries, but no one's gonna do it…Johnny's too powerful.
  • Then, as the meeting's about to conclude, Johnny's thugs show up outside, smashing windows and rattling sticks.
  • They beat up the workers as they leave.
  • Terry grabs Edie by the hand and leads her out safely through another exit.
  • Barry talks to a bloody Dugan, and they promise to help each other and be true to freeing the workers from Johnny's reign.
  • In a park, Terry and Edie talk. Edie asks him whose side he's on, and Terry says he's on his own side.
  • A homeless guy recognizes Edie and starts to praise her brother for being charitable, but Terry tells him to get out of there.
  • The homeless man almost tells Edie that Terry was there on the night Joey died, but Terry pushes him off.
  • Joey tells her not to listen to a raving nut like that.
  • They chat a bit about the Catholic college Edie's attending, and share a moment remembering when they were both in the same school together.

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