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On the Waterfront Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • In church, Barry arrives to find Terry waiting for him. But Barry tells him to go to the other priest and walks outside.
  • Terry follows him, and admits the truth: he helped set Joey up to get killed—even though he didn't know Joey actually would be killed.
  • Barry asks him if he's going to tell Edie this or testify in court when he's subpoenaed.
  • Terry tells him that he feels weird speaking against Johnny, since Johnny used to take him to ball games and things like that.
  • Barry isn't moved by this. He wants Terry to talk.
  • Terry says that he'll go to Edie and tell her the truth.
  • Terry meets with Edie as Father Barry watches. Terry explains what happened, but Edie isn't exactly thrilled that he played a role in her brother's death.
  • Distraught, she runs away.
  • (Real smooth, Terry.)
  • On the roofs, one of the men from the Crime Commission searches for Terry. Jimmy and another kid point the Crime Commission guy out, but say that they'd never rat anyone out for murder.
  • Terry talks to the investigator, who remembers seeing Terry in a fight. He mentions that Terry lost, and Terry says he threw the match and could've easily beaten the guy. It was to help Charley and his friends make some money.
  • But it ended his career.
  • The investigator clearly got inside his head…

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