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On the Waterfront Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • At their hangout, Johnny's cronies tell Johnny that they saw Terry talking to the detective.
  • Charley says that Terry's a good kid but Edie and her father are messing with his mind. Johnny tells Charley to straighten Terry out—if he can't, he needs to let the other henchmen kill him.
  • Charley erupts. He's outraged. He begs for Terry's life, but Johnny's not too interested in pity.
  • Charley has no choice but to try to talk sense into his brother...
  • Charley picks Terry up in a taxi, and talks to him in the backseat.
  • He tells Terry he's heard the subpoena rumor, and offers him a job with a big payoff in order to not testify.
  • Terry says he hasn't made up his mind, and Charley yells at him to make up his mind before they reach the place where Johnny's men are going to kill him.
  • Charley pulls a gun on him to force him to take the job. Terry can't believe Charley's doing this, and, in shame, Charley lowers the gun.
  • Charley says that Terry's manager ruined his boxing career, regretting what happened. But Terry says that's not what happened—Charley ruined his career, forcing him to throw that big fight. He should've looked out for him.
  • Terry says he "could've been a contender. Instead of a bum, which is what I am."
  • Charley feels like a jerk, and says he'll tell Johnny he couldn't find Terry.
  • He lets Terry out of the taxi.
  • We can tell by the look in the taxi driver's eyes that he's in league with Johnny's thugs. He takes Charley right into the clutches of Johnny's men.

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