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On the Waterfront Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Terry goes to Edie's apartment. She won't let him in, but he breaks through the door to talk to her.
  • She tries to fight him off, even though she admits she loves him. He kisses her, and she stops resisting, kissing him back.
  • Suddenly, a voice from outside on the street calls up, saying that Charley wants to see Terry.
  • Terry goes out, thinking Charley's in trouble, and Edie runs after him. A truck tries to run them over in an alley, but they escape in a room off the side.
  • Venturing back into the alley, Terry finds Charley's dead body—murdered by gunfire, hanging on a meat-hook.
  • Terry vows revenge, pulling a gun. Edie tells him not to go, saying they'll kill him too.
  • He tells Edie to get someone and watch over Charley's body.
  • Terry goes into the bar where Johnny normally hangs out, but the bartender tells him he's not there. Terry checks the backroom and—Johnny actually isn't around
  • He sits at the bar, and pulls his gun, making two of Johnny's goons sit down after they enter.
  • Father Barry comes to the bar, and tries to make Terry hand over his gun. Terry tells Barry to "go to hell," and Barry punches him.
  • Barry tells Terry that he shouldn't murder Johnny. He should fight him by telling the truth in court. Then, he has a beer with Terry.
  • Still angry, Terry flings his gun and smashes a picture of Johnny hanging in the bar.

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