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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • It's nighttime and Nurse Ratched is signing out for the night while the men watch TV. The TV talks about how three men have been arrested in connection with a church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama. This is based on a real historical event, by the way.
  • Once everyone is gone for the night, McMurphy sneaks into the nurses' station and grabs the phone. He calls up someone and says, "Yeah, baby it's Mac. It's on tonight." It looks like he's up to no good again.
  • He sneaks out of the station before the night watchman comes back.
  • McMurphy goes to Chief's beside and tells him he can't stay in the hospital anymore. But Chief says he can't go with McMurphy.
  • Why? He says it's because McMurphy is bigger than him, although we know this can't be true in the literal sense.
  • Chief tells the story of his father, who was big and did what he pleased. That's why people were always "working on him" and trying the bring him down. The last time Chief saw his father, the man was blind from drinking. Chief thinks that the establishment is working on McMurphy the same way, trying to tame him and bring him down.
  • McMurphy hears a car horn and knows that his friends have arrived. He runs to the window and starts waving his arms. But the night watchman tells him to get back in bed.
  • McMurphy bribes the guy with twenty bucks and promises of certain favors from the women he's invited to the hospital.
  • Candy crawls in through a hospital window with her friend Rose. McMurphy walks off with Candy and leaves Rose with the watchman, Mr. Turkle.
  • Next thing you know, McMurphy is flicking the ward lights and telling all the patients to wake up.
  • They start handing around booze and partying, but Mr. Turkle walks in and shuts it down because he doesn't want to get fired.
  • When he sees his supervisor coming, Turkle hides all the patients in the nurse's station. His supervisor comes by and hears banging in the nurse's station.
  • So Candy comes out to make it look like Turkle is just having a lady friend over. The supervisor says she wants the woman gone immediately, but that's all that comes of it.
  • Once the supervisor is gone, Turkle tells everyone in the nurses' station to get back to bed. Once they're gone, Turkle realizes they've left a mess he can't possibly clean up. So he decides to get drunk.
  • Meanwhile, the rest of the patients have a party in the dark. Billy Bibbit gets really close with Candy during some slow dancing.
  • McMurphy comes to tap her and says it's time to go. We realize that McMurphy plans on leaving with the women, and he says his goodbyes to the men on the ward.
  • Billy Bibbit won't say anything though because he's going to miss McMurphy so much. McMurphy wants Billy to come, but Billy says he's not ready yet.
  • Billy also reveals that he's attracted to Candy. So McMurphy decides to help him out by setting him up for sex with Candy. Billy tries to run away out of shyness, but the patients hunt him down and wheel him into a private bedroom with Candy.
  • We get a long shot of McMurphy's face while he waits for Billy and Candy to finish having sex.

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