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Out of Africa Fandoms

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We're going to be straight with you: this is not a movie for cosplayers, fan fic writers, or folks who obsess over the tiny little details and publish million-word analyses on blogs somewhere. That's really more of a Star Wars thing—and Out of Africa is notoriously short on spaceships.

But that doesn't mean that the movie lacks for high-wattage fans.

Seriously, Karen Blixen is kind of a big deal (she's on the money, people), and Out of Africa picks up a fair amount of serious fans by association alone.

How serious? How about Ernest Hemingway, who beat her for the Nobel Prize in 1954? Or Orson Welles, who directed a movie called The Immortal Story based on her writing? Or Truman Capote, the author of In Cold Blood, who called her "a true seductress, a conversational seductress"?

These are heavy literary hitters (check out our Hemingway page right over here), and they all gushed over her like fawning little fanboys. No, you won't be seeing Karen Blixen cosplayers at Comic Con next year, but what the fans lack in volume, they make up for in books that you must read before you die.

Let's see Captain Kirk top that.

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