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Out of Africa Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

School Days

  • Back in town, the war's over, and colonials celebrate with a parade and drinks. Karen runs into Denys while she's looking for Berkeley.
  • Karen has built her school.
  • At the Christmas party at the local club, Karen dances with Berkeley and gets caught up on current events.
  • Felicity says hello.
  • Karen starts a bit of a stir when a racist insults her ambitions to teach the natives.
  • Denys doesn't like her efforts to teach the Kikuyu either, but at least he's up for a discussion. He and Karen clearly disagree on some fundamental ideas about education.
  • Denys accuses her of wanting to turn the children into mini-Brits. They have their own culture and stories, he says.
  • On the drive home, Karen discovers another woman's underwear in the back of the car.
  • She finally tells Bror that it's over, and asks him to move out.

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