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Out of Africa Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

Life Goes on…Safari

  • Karen oversees her coffee farm and the school where her Kikuyu are learning English and the coffee factory. The coffee biz isn't doing so great.
  • As Karen walks home from her factory one day, she hears music coming from her front porch.
  • Denys has brought another gift: a phonograph. Not exactly an Audio Technica AT-LP60, but it plays Mozart well enough.
  • He wants to take Karen with him on an adventure.
  • She's not up for it, but Denys can be quite persuasive.
  • Together they go out on safari; it's all kinds of awesome.
  • The Jeep breaks down in the middle of a herd of water buffalo; they set that right soon enough, and make camp.
  • In the dark, they discuss the people of Africa, the differences all around.
  • The local baboons don't like the phonograph.
  • As they're taking in the beauty of the valley below, a canvas plane flies past and Denys says he always wanted to have one.
  • Things heat up: Denys washes Karen's hair by the river and recites some verses from "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" to her.
  • (Just two words about that: Robert Redford.)
  • Back in the bush, Denys and Karen are joined by Denys' men as they walk, looking for some game for dinner.
  • They track a decent-sized meal, but they're not the only predators out hunting.
  • Despite their caution, the group is charged by two lions after accidentally stumbling upon their recent kill.
  • Karen and Denys dispatch the threat efficiently.
  • Back again at the camp, Denys and Karen share some quiet and intimate moments before finally getting on with it.
  • Denys (did we mention he was played by Robert Redford?) drives Karen back home, where she takes the gramophone he tried to give her earlier.

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