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Out of Africa Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

Let the Romance Bloom

  • Berkeley comes over for dinner, and they discuss her deepening relationship with Denys.
  • Denys arrives the next day and their new romance is in full swing.
  • Denys pays a visit to Berkeley, who reveals that he's dying from blackwater fever. (Which is a complication of severe malaria, btw.)
  • Denys offers to get him medical care, but Berkeley's content to have his Somali woman see to his needs.
  • Denys is a little shocked by his friend's relationship with a black woman.
  • Berkeley offers some of his guns for Denys' safari work.
  • Denys returns to Karen to ask if he can move his things to her house, then delivers the bad news about Berkeley.
  • Berkeley dies, and Denys goes into the bush to mourn instead of attending the funeral in town, the brooding loner.

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