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Out of Africa Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

One Last Try

  • No farm, no Denys.
  • Karen decides to go back to Denmark and sell everything she owns from her farm.
  • She goes to the colonial bureaucracy to try to keep some of the land for her workers. She practically begs them to let her workers stay on their land.
  • Denys arrives just in time to prevent the authorities from throwing her out. Karen gives him one last chance.
  • Denys arrives to Karen's empty house for dinner.
  • He offers to fly her to Mombasa for her trip home.
  • They share a dance in the empty house and out to the yard among her belongings, which have been set out for the rummage sale in the morning.
  • Denys flies away.
  • Karen sells her belongings at the rummage sale.
  • Bror arrives to inform Karen that Denys has been killed; he crashed his plane.
  • Karen stands alone, waiting for Denys' coffin.
  • Karen says her farewells to Denys' grave before walking away, alone again.

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