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Out of Africa Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

Surprise, We're Getting Married

  • A train cuts across the Kenyan plains in 1913 over some truly spectacular orchestrations courtesy of the late, great John Barry.
  • The train stops suddenly. Karen's concerned about the safety of her belongings as hunters load their ivory onto the train for town.
  • She has a rather rough introduction to Denys Finch Hatton before the train continues on its way.
  • Karen is met by her foreman, Farah (Malick Bowens), and whisked into town by rickshaw along with her Scottish Elkhound.
  • Upon arrival at the town center, Karen wanders into the bar. As one does.
  • The men are quite put off by her presence, and demand that their serving man kick her out.
  • Bror arrives and informs Karen that they have an hour before the wedding.
  • Bror and Karen emerge, dressed and ready for their wedding: Every local colonial is there to help them celebrate.
  • Karen wanders about the crowd meeting the locals, including Felicity, the local tomboy, who talks with her about wedding night jitters and the impracticality of fashionable hats.
  • When Karen catches up with Bror, he's already putting the moves on a local bimbo. Karen demands to see her new house.

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