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Out of Africa Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

Alone Again, Naturally

  • In the morning, Karen finds herself alone.
  • Farrah explains that Bror's gone hunting and will return before the rains. It doesn't rain much in Africa.
  • Karen gets dressed and goes out to see to her new farm.
  • She meets with her foreman, then the Kikuyu tribal chief, Kinanjui (Stephen Kinyanjui). The chief has a lot to say, but Farrah sheepishly translates only that the people will work for her.
  • Karen sees a sick boy in the village and offers to treat him at the house.
  • Karen wanders between her farm and her home, unpacks, and proposes the construction of a pond. The locals think that damming a river to make a pond is against the laws of nature.
  • Eventually, she goes out for a ride on the African plains.

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