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Out of Africa Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

Running the Supplies

  • Felicity arrives with a kill for Karen, then stays for tea.
  • Karen takes on yet another job as a mentor to Felicity.
  • An army messenger arrives at the farm to demand supplies and inform Karen that she needs to evacuate to town for protection.
  • Karen decides that she won't send a man with the supplies; she'll go herself.
  • She travels with her men and the supplies for days before a group arrives at her camp early one morning.
  • It's Denys and Berkeley.
  • Berkeley's kind of cranky that she's risking her life delivering supplies to the front, but Denys doesn't try to talk her out of it.
  • Instead, he hands her a compass and explains how she can use it to find her way.
  • She sets out again into the relentless heat and emptiness of the African wilds.
  • They encounter a Masai war party and are attacked by lions, but Karen stands tall and fends them off with a whip.

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