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Out of Africa Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

Meanwhile, Back at the Front

  • Karen arrives at the war front, where she and Bror discuss their struggling marriage.
  • They clearly care for each other deeply, but he's staying at the front, and she'll go home again...alone.
  • Back on the farm, Karen collapses and becomes very ill. Farah tends to her.
  • When Karen visits a doctor in town, she discovers that she has contracted (gulp) syphilis.
  • Bror and his philandering is to blame. Because Bror is a weasel.
  • Karen has to return to Denmark for treatment immediately.
  • She meets Denys at the club, and they have a brief chat.
  • Karen doesn't tell him about the syphilis.
  • Bror arrives home to take care of the farm in her absence.

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