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Out of Africa Love

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At its heart, Out of Africa is a romance: the tender touching story of a nice Danish lady who couldn't catch a break and the hunter who loved her but wasn't able to commit. We guarantee you that Redford and Streep weren't cast until they could gaze smolderingly into each other's eyes. While it ends badly for him, it definitely shows us a pair of souls who may be made for each other.

Love definitely doesn't conquer all in this film; if anything, it seems to cause pain and more pain. It's even got that John Barry music to break your heart over and over again.

Questions About Love

  1. Does Denys truly love Karen? How does he show it or not show it?
  2. Are Karen's woes caused by love? Would she be happier without Denys?
  3. Is loving Denys for a short time enough for Karen, even though he dies?
  4. Is love what Karen truly craves? Or is it something else?

Chew on This

The movie shows love as something that's worth it, even if it hurts.

Like everything else in Karen's life, love brings only disappointment.

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