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Pan's Labyrinth Fandoms

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It's tough to be a hardcore fan of Pan's Labyrinth, or at least to express your fandom in the normal avenues.

It's an intense dark fantasy that doesn't necessarily lend itself to a plethora of Wiki articles and crazy fan theories. That doesn't mean you can't find fanfiction (because what can't you find fan fiction about?) Nor does it mean you want find fan art and Pale Man cosplay with varying degrees of success.

But for the most part, Pan's Labyrinth fandom is saved for the cinephiles: those dungeon dwellers who dig deep into the every movie they can get their teeth on. You can find a whole lot of information out there about the symbolism and message of the movie along with notes about its conception and production.

Head over to our "Best of the Web" section to begin your internet adventures.

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