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Pan's Labyrinth Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Back to Ofelia: she opens her book and reads about the task at hand. She uses the chalk to draw a door in her room and then flips her hourglass. She must return before the last grain of sand drops.
  • She crawls through the door and into an ancient hallway of sorts, sporting some Renaissance looking columns and creepy murals portraying a naked, white-skinned, eyeless dude murdering children.
  • Oh, fun.
  • Oh hey: there's the same naked, white-skinned baby-murderer sitting at the end of a long table. On the table is laid a seriously amazing-looking feast.
  • The fairies guide Ofelia to three keyholes. They point toward the center but instead she chooses the left one.
  • It opens a cubby and she reaches in to pull out a shiny dagger.
  • But as she returns to the door, she's captivated by the feast…especially by a bunch of plump, juicy-looking grapes.
  • The fairies try to stop her but she starts eating them anyway. The scary-looking guy awakens, tapping his hard, pointy fingers against the wooden table before taking his eyes and placing them in the eye sockets on his palms.
  • Eye sockets on his palms. This is not going to be good.
  • He fans his fingers in front of his face and moves towards Ofelia. The fairies protect her long enough for her to turn around, but when he catches the fairies he bites their heads off.
  • Ophelia runs but doesn't make it to her door in time. The sand stops falling and the door closes.
  • She can't draw a new door on the wall so she opts for the ceiling, barely getting her whole body up into her room before the he snatches her legs. Close call.

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