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Pan's Labyrinth Scene 24

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Scene 24

Scene 24

  • Inside, Vidal inspects the Doc's bottle with the one he found and confirms they are the same. He's about to go confront him when he hears someone knock over the tray in Carmen's room.
  • It's Ophelia who was using the milk for the mandrake. She goes under the bed to give it her blood and notices it looks worse; almost like it's taking on the sickness of her mother.
  • Then Vidal pulls her out from under the bed.
  • He's not happy to find her there and even less happy to find the root with the milk.
  • His yelling wakes Carmen who says she'll deal with it. Her idea of dealing with it is telling her that magic and fairies aren't real before throwing the mandrake into the fireplace. Bad idea.
  • As the mandrake burns, Carmen falls to the floor in pain from the baby.

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