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Pan's Labyrinth Scene 28

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Scene 28

Scene 28

  • Vidal asks Serrano to leave him alone with Mercedes in the storeroom. Serrano asks if he's sure and she replies that she's just a woman (also she's tied up, so that helps).
  • Mercedes reminds him that underestimating her is what allowed her to aid the rebels in the first place. Vidal admits that pride is his weakness…does that counts as being modest?
  • But we're sure you remember that knife we've seen one to many shots of to think of as an insignificant prop.
  • As Vidal inspects his tools for the job, Mercedes cuts herself free and stabs him in the back and the shoulder and cuts one of his cheeks.
  • She escapes into the woods but the men are hot on her trail and eventually surround her with their horses.
  • She threatens to kill herself with her knife…which buys enough time for her rebel friends to show up and gun down all the soldiers and rescue her.

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