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Pan's Labyrinth Scene 31

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Scene 31

Scene 31

  • Vidal learns from Serrano about all the reinforcements the rebels have received. They're now outnumbered by thirty or so men.
  • He returns to his room before Ofelia has a chance to leave, and just when she's about to sneak out the door behind him an explosion makes him turn and see her.
  • She takes off and he chases her down with his gun.
  • She runs to the labyrinth. The labyrinth walls part, making a direct path to the faun while leaving the drowsy Vidal behind.
  • But Ofelia won't give her brother to the faun…because he wants to prick him with the sword Ofelia retrieved. He needs a drop of innocent blood to open the portal.
  • He yells at her but she won't concede. So the faun leaves just as Vidal walks up behind her. He can't see the faun: only Ofelia talking to the air.
  • He takes his son from her and shoots her in the stomach. She collapses.
  • But when Vidal exits the labyrinth he finds himself surrounded by the rebels, with Pedro and Mercedes at the forefront.
  • He hands over his son and asks that they tell him what time his father died.
  • Mercedes reply is, "No, he won't even know your name."
  • Then Pedro shoots him in the face.

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