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Pan's Labyrinth Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Ofelia wakes up with the insect in her room. When she shows it a picture of a fairy, it changes into what basically looks like a fairy.
  • It leads her into the labyrinth and she goes down some stairs that look a lot like the stairs the princess went up in the opening story.
  • Inside, she meets a creepy-looking faun who tells her she's the princess of legend. The stone in the center of the labyrinth is a portal to the underworld that she must use to return to her true parents.
  • But first she must complete three tasks before the full moon, to make sure she's maintained her essence and not become a mortal.
  • The faun gives her a blank book and a small bag of something and then disappears into the darkness, leaving her alone.

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