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Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Scene 32

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Scene 32

Scene 32

  • And they're off! Except for Anakin, who forgot to prime the engine or something.
  • The first lap sees the destruction of a few pods. Anakin manages to gain ground but remains far behind the leaders.
  • By the end of the second lap, Anakin has moved into second place thanks to his quick maneuvers… and Sebulba's cheating knocking out several other racers.
  • In the third lap, Anakin takes the lead but that thingamabob that Sebulba broke before the race finally falls off. Thinking quickly, Anakin extinguishes the fire and splits the remaining power between the engines.
  • He catches up with Sebulba, who tries to run him off the road. Anakin hits the thrusters and breaks away as Sebulba's pods smash into pieces. Anakin wins the race.

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