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Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Scene 37

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Scene 37

Scene 37

  • Senator Palpatine and Chancellor Valorum meet the Queen on Coruscant. Qui-Gon informs the Chancellor that he must speak with the Jedi Council immediately and sends Anakin and Jar Jar with Padmé.
  • Senator Palpatine relates to the Queen that the Senate is full of greedy delegates, lacking interest in the common good.
  • Palpatine doesn't think the Senate will act on the invasion and the Chancellor lacks the power to force them into action.
  • The Queen asks what they can do, and Palpatine suggests that she call for a vote of no confidence in the Chancellor or submit a plea to the courts.
  • The Queen rejects both ideas, believing the Chancellor is their supporter and the courts take too long.

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