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Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Scene 44

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Scene 44

Scene 44

  • The Nubian cruiser lands on the planet, scanning one droid control ship in orbit.
  • On the surface, Obi-Wan apologizes for disagreeing with Qui-Gon over Anakin. Jar Jar returns to report that the Gungan city is deserted and thinks they went to their sacred place.
  • At the Gungan sacred place, the Queen tries to broker a peace with Boss Nass, but Padmé comes forth to reveal herself as the true queen and begs for help.
  • Seeing that the Queen doesn't think herself better than him, Boss Nass agrees to help.
  • In the capital, Viceroy Gunray updates Lord Sidious. Sidious tells Darth Maul to be mindful and let them make the first move.

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